New Year’s Challenge: Different city, EVERY month of the year

Woke up this morning and it felt like my skull was just about to give birth.

My over-active brain must have thought it was Jean Claude Van Dam, as I swear it was trying to kick it’s way out of my forehead.


It’s the problem I fear I’ll face at least once a month after agreeing to booze up with the boys on the Last Saturday of Every Month (LSEM).


If your brother’s anything like mine – a couple of cocktails NEVER just means a couple. Before the meal had even arrived, we’d already smashed most drinks on the menu (minus the whiskey ones, because they taste like crap).


For a reason unknown to me, Mark thinks it’s a good tradition to order shots with each round – and we’re not talking Apple Sours. He’s the absolute definition of crazy.

Anyway, as with most great nights, I can’t remember much about it – including the person I’ve just woke up next too!!!


My phone – which somehow hung on to single digit battery percentage – had a record number of messages. F*** knows how I didn’t hear it go off, as it must have processed more push notifications than a celebrities Instagram account.


Okay, I wish. Perhaps not that much.

But you get the point. I’m hanging and can’t remember a f****** thing and I need to get out of this house / flat / apartment or whatever it is.
I need Ibuprofen, badly. Great, there’s a shop!


Now armed with Nurofen, a carton of orange juice and directions to Mudchute DLR, I’m en-route to recovery… Oh, well would have been, if my card hadn’t just been declined.

With shaking fingers I manage to quickly tap into my online banking… Oh no!!!


Since 2016, I’ve got into a ‘good’ habit of transferring a monthly allowance from my main bank to what I call a food and drink account. In theory this is a great way to budget your wages – but you’re not supposed to spunk it all at once.


Now don’t get me wrong, London’s one of the best cities in the world to go out – but it can be so expensive!

With little effort, you could get cheap flights, plus a hotel almost anywhere in Europe for less than a £150. (Personal favourite is


Think I need to renegotiate the LSEM terms, as surely a weekend away every month beats one night in London?

2016 New Year’s Challenge: A brand new city, EVERY month of the year?!


Sounds good to me, lets see if the boys are up for it 🙂


Oh, and for those of you who didn’t have a childhood, here’s Jean Claude Vane Dam kicking the s*** out of a tree.