5 reasons I’d choose Eurostar over flying…

When it comes to city breaks, the trick is to find the fastest way to the destination so you can make the most of the weekend.

Whether you and the lads are looking for a quickie in Amsterdam or a weekend getaway with the missus in Paris – the sooner you’re there the better, right?

Which is why I’d chose Eurostar over flying, any day…

Yes, that’s right. Eurostar might travel a fifth the speed of its winged rival, but when work out how long it takes to transfer from the airport to the city as well as checking in – you’d save at least an hour taking to the tracks.

So you’re not only where you want to be faster. But you’ll also have the luxuries of having more leg room (lots more), unlimited luggage, space to walk around and there’s no chance of horrifying turbulence.

And for Gin lover’s, Eurostar have even launched their very own brand of Gin, Toujours 21.

It’s a unique gin, launched especially for Eurostar’s 21st birthday.

You won’t find it on any plane but it will for sure leave you feeling as high as one.

Eurostar Gin, Toujours
Eurostar Gin, Toujours

Talking of highs… Here’s FIVE good reasons I’d chose Eurostar over flying.

1. Trains get you where you want to be, faster!
By the time it takes to get to the airport, check-in, collect the luggage and transfer to the city – you’d be much better off getting a Eurostar – which may not travel as fast in terms of MPH – but you’ll certainly be where you want to be in less time.

2. Less luggage bulls***
Eurostar allow two unlimited luggage items for FREE.
Airlines charge for luggage and come with a variety of restrictions such as weight.

3. More leg room
Don’t you just hate it when the person in front of you declines their plane seat…

4. No turbulence
They say planes are the safest form of travel, but it sure as hell don’t feel that way sometimes.

5. You can walk around
Crying babies are a pet hate. Especially the ones that scream like they’re being slaughtered. On a plane, there’s no escape. With Eurostar, you can walk away from it. Stretch your legs, take a trip to the train bar.

trains vs planes infographic
Trains vs Planes