Valentine’s getaways: Where to take your girlfriend this year and where to avoid

Valentine’s Day is approaching FAST and you want to impress your missus.

Like most lads in new relationships, you went in HARD at Christmas and your wallet is now paying the price (literally). Chances are you’ve only been with her 3-6 months, but you’ve managed to spunk loads of cash on perfumes, shoes, bags, make-up and some Agent Provocoteur underwear set you’ll probably only see once or twice in your lifetime.

Man crying

Yea, ouch!

And it’s about to get worse… February 14 is just over a month away and you’ve just started to prepare for the most romantic day in the calendar – after all, you’re as keen as mustard and want to impress her (we’ve all been there).

So you start scanning the web for some ideas and you’ve decided to take her away for the weekend, sweet.

Oh wait, you’ve just seen how much two nights in some bang-average hotel in Paris will cost… F*** THAT!!!

It may be dubbed the ‘City of Love’ but the love for me died when they banned prostitution in April 2016.

The weather is shit this time of year, with an average temp of around 5°C, yet an excellent chance of it pissing down – no thanks!

Trust me when I say this – with the exception of Iceland – you do NOT want to be spending your money on a weekend trip to anywhere in Europe in February. It’s overpriced and overrated.

So what do you do? The answer is simple. Take her away for a week, somewhere nice and hot.

Holiday giants Thomson and Thomas Cook are doing some banging ALL INCLUSIVE deals to Cape Verde starting from £450 / £500 in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

Thomas Cook are also chucking away last minute self catering deals for just over £300 – which includes, hotel, flights, 20kg luggage etc.

That’s not much more than if you spent two nights, room only in some cheap, 3* sorry looking shit-hole in Paris, once you take taxis, food and drink into consideration (damn Euro).

Same applies to Rome, Prague, Brussels, Bruges, Naples etc. Even Venice looks woeful when the weather is crap.

Sounds like I’m mugging off European destinations doesn’t it? Well I’m not.

I’m just recommending that if you’re after an unforgettable city break –  book in advance, when the flights are cheapest and go in the summer – NOT NOW.

I’d take an eat-all-you can, beach barbecue over a plate of snails any day of the week!

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