Playa Del Carmen: From ancient Mayan cities to clubbing in Cancun

Here's what we got up to in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

After gently peeling away the arms and legs of some mysterious blonde from my naked body, I reach over to my phone which sits next to an empty condom packet by the side of the bed.


How the hell am I getting back to my hotel in time for our 11am pickup and WTF is Tommy doing in the bed next to me with some … wait a minute … I’m starting to remember now, but sh*t … we’ve gotta go!

As I carefully nudge my younger brother from what looks like a comfortable spoon, we escape unseen.

We must have looked suspicious darting through block after block until finally reaching Playa Del Carmen’s bus station.

We had a plane to catch.

Playa Del Carmen
Streets of Playa Del Carmen

Fortunately, due to the insanely fast (and barely legal) speeds in which the Mexican minibus drivers leisurely coast, we were back at our 5* hotel within 25 minutes, giving us just enough time to pack up and check out.

What a week!

There’s several reasons why I chose to spend my final moments of being a 29-year-old in Mexico – great food, weather, daytime activities and nightlife just to name a few.

Brother Tommy lazing around in our 5* Sensimar Spa Hotel
Brother Tommy lazing around in our 5* Sensimar Spa Hotel

After looking through a handful of adults only resorts in Cancun, I’d decided to bag a last second All Inclusive deal to the 5* Sensimar Spa and Beach Suites for just under 700 quid each (TUI Holidays).

The stunning hotel was hidden away on a beach within Rivera Maya, an area which attracts mostly couples and is famous for its ancient history.

“It’s one of the most romantic hotels in the world” says Forbes. The bedroom jacuzzi, hammocks and candle lit meals were totally wasted on us.

We may have looked out of place being the only single lads on the resort, but that didn’t bother us much as we had bigger problems to face, such as trying to pick a drink from the endless cocktail menu.

From Pina Colada to Caipiroska, there wasn’t a drink these guys couldn’t mix up in seconds..

Worth noting that luxury all-inclusive hotels in Cancun and Playa Mujeres, unlike most other countries, serve proper cocktails with branded spirits. None of this cheap sh*t you get from Spain, Turkey, Greece etc…

From Pina Colada to Caiprioska, there wasn’t a drink these guys couldn’t mix up in seconds
From Pina Colada to Caiprioska, there wasn’t a drink these guys couldn’t mix up in seconds

But it’s not just cocktails and sun the Mexican’s have an unlimited supply of.

Whether you’re into island hopping, ancient history, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, catamaran cruises, snorkeling on the reef, zip-lining, quad-biking, swimming with dolphins or even TURTLES the list goes on and on!


We decided to grab ferry for about a tenner and head to the Island Mujeres where we hired a golf buggy (£40) and toured the Island, visiting as many bars as we could until finding the perfect place to chill out and watch the sunset.

It’s Saturday, so the streets are packed full of people from all over the globe.

We started off in a hidden rooftop bar, Litibú which was recommended by one of the locals. To get to it, you need to walk through a small, hotel doorway and up a steep set of stairs.

The cocktails were just as cheap as they were creative. Beers cost about £2 each and after three or four it was time to move on. So we crawled a few more bars until settling for the Mandala club which seemed to have a gender ratio that worked in our favour.

This is where we discovered a couple of Swedish girls who – after several shots – were more than kind enough to offer us their beds 😉

Needless to say we got a little more than we bargained for and before long the night was over and the rest was history… just like my 20s 🙁

On the beach holidays to Cancun