Lads Holiday to Cape Verde? Here’s some great reasons to go Sal, Cape Verde

Here’s a handful of reasons to go Sal, Cape Verde - a cute island off the coast of West Africa.

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap, hot and fun during the winter months, few places rival Cape Verde’s, Island of Sal.

It’s one of Cape Verde’s (aka Cabo Verde) ten African islands, and the most popular amongst tourists.

Here’s EIGHT reasons you should go to Sal.


Cape Verde’s Island of Sal is hot all year round and does not (repeat DOESN’T) have a rainy season.

Canaries can be unpredictable and you’d be mad to chance anywhere in Europe anytime between November and March.


For €70 you can hire a quad bike all day, giving you enough time to explore the entire island.

If you go with the guides they’d charge you the same price for half a day, so if you’re confident at navigating, it’s a no brainer.

There’s loads of hidden gems, from salt lakes to hidden beaches and lagoons.

Top tip: Leave early and follow one of the tour company trucks. You’ll save £££s, as you’ll be getting shown all the best places without having to pay a guide to take you.


For less than 400 quid, you can pick yourself up a week in a top notch hotel in Cape Verde’s liveliest island, Sal. It’s less than six hours away from London, substantially closer and much cheaper than any Caribbean deal you’ll find on the web.

Talking of deals. We managed to grab seven nights, all inclusive at the Sol Dunas  hotel, for less than £450. The hotel is fairly new, backs onto a lovely beach and is a short, €3 taxi ride to Santa Maria (where all the nightlife is). The food and cocktails were surprisingly good too. #bargain


If you’re anything like us, your body by the end of this trip will be in pieces.

Whether you’ve been beaten by the waves during a kite surf, or chucked around by the sand dunes on a bumpy quad ride – Cape Verde can be just as physically taxing as it can be relaxing.

And there’s few better ways to heal your aches and pains than floating in a magical pool made from sacred salt water. It’s cheap and the experience is priceless.

Just don’t get the water in your eyes.

Lee Walpole floating in the salt lake in Cape Verde
Lee Walpole floating in the salt lake in Cape Verde (Pedra de Lume)


From scuba virgins to seasoned pros – if you’re into diving, Cape Verde will not disappoint.

The waters have a mixture of tropical and Mediterranean marine life, which means (depending on when you go) you can see a variety of sea creatures from huge humpback whales, to lazy turtles, sharks and giant mantas.

There’s no rainy season in Cape Verde, so you can explore the caves, shipwrecks and seas anytime you want.

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Bikini Beach is the hottest new venue on the island.

The stunning bar / restaurant / club is built 40 meters into the ocean and rivals most Ibiza venues.

Whether you’re into epic pool parties or chilled five-course meals with and an ocean view – it’s without doubt the classiest place on the island of Sal.

The food is exceptional, the atmosphere is buzzing and friendly.

It’s new, and bound to get busier with time as the owner promises some A-list action in the summer from artists like Jason Derulo set to perform there.

It’s not the cheapest of places but there’s a reason for that.


From Fly Boards to Skybobs, jet-skis to every kind of surfing you can imagine – Cape Verde’s Sal Island is one of the best places for watersports due to it’s powerful Atlantic winds.

There’s even a surfcamp and surf schools for those new or looking at picking up some world class tips from a former pro (who now lives on the Island).

Or, if for whatever reason getting wet isn’t your thing – you could always try catching sharks on a sea fishing trip.

Kite Beach Cape Verde, Sal
Kite Beach Cape Verde, Sal Island


There’s few things better than cruising across the ocean on a Catamaran. For €50, you get 3-4 hours unlimited booze and breeze as you’re carried across the Atlantic like an MTV music star… Kind of.

Okay, the booze is cheap and crap but you’re fed, get the chance to snorkel with turtles, fish and catch some glorious rays while soaking up the sun.

Cape Verde Catamaran
Catamaran in Sal, Cape Verde



If you and a couple of lads can’t afford Mexico or Thailand, but are looking for somewhere cheap, hot and with plenty of things to do during the day,  then it’s worth visiting Sal.

Or if you wanted to play safer, there’s some pretty decent deals going in Tenerife / Canary Islands at the moment.