Rebirthing (breathwork): Spiritual awakening or bullsh*t hoax?

After fainting half-way through my "spiritual awakening" here’s my take on rebirthing breathwork...

For a brief moment, I felt paralysed and had forgotten how to breathe…

“Well done, Lee” says my guardian, Dela, in a calm and relaxing voice as she gently placed her hand on my chest and invited oxygen back into my lungs.

I’d momentarily passed out during a breathing exercise, known as Rebirthing.

Rebirthing Breathwork step by step
Rebirthing Breathwork step by step

It’s an unproven therapy used by spiritual performers, who claim the ritual can release emotional trauma through conscious, connected breathwork.

But it’s not cheap.

For a two hour session, I paid over £100, which included a 45-minute introduction talk, where my hippie (but gorgeous) sitter, Dela, delved deep into my past, and extracted childhood memories from me until finding the route cause of pain.

The breathwork is uncomfortable at first, as I was asked to rapidly breathe in and out as hard and fast as I could, until entering a semi-conscious state.

rebithing breathwork
Rebirthing is said to put you in a semi-conscious state…

Semi-conscious my arse! I was out cold and couldn’t remember a thing… But, it didn’t stop my going back for more.

So after my first breathless awakening.. I immediately repeated the breathing technique.

You start to get used to it sooner than you think and before long, I’d passed out again – or at least that’s what it felt like.

We copied the routine several times until Dela was  her work had been done.

I was left laying on the bed, sweating, and feeling absolutely f***ed!

WTF just happened to me?


Personally, I’m not sure what the massive hype is about but I’d still recommend it, especially to those who are spiritually inclined.

I’ve heard examples of how people have had major breakthroughs and life-changing experiences.

Although, the technique sounds incredibly similar to Holotropic Breathing, just without the spiritual spin.

I won’t be performing it again anytime soon.

For more information or if you want to experience Rebirthing, get in touch with Dela

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