[Seattle, USA] Boeing Factory, Bubblegum and a “special” coffee

Do NOT order a "special coffee" in Seattle, unless you want a semi-naked barista to do something filthy to your brew.

“You can look if you want” she says, smiling at me whilst standing in a pretty pointless, completely see-through, net dress.

I’d heard rumours about Seattle’s bikini espresso huts but this was NOT what I was expecting.

Bikini Espresso experience, Seattle
Bikini Espresso experience, Seattle

The busty barista bends over to scoop up some ice for my frozen mocha – leaving nothing to the imagination.

I could literally see EVERYTHING!

As she serves the $15 drink (aka experience) she asks whether I’d like a “special” for an extra $100.

I left the shack both curious and disappointed, as the mocha tasted like sh*t.

Ladybug Bikini Espresso Seattle
Ladybug Bikini Espresso Seattle, 2901 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Next stop was the docks for a different kind of wildlife… Whale Watching!

Worked out about £100 quid for a 4-hour boat trip..

Quite pricey and not something I’d recommend unless (like me) you’re into a bit of nature.

Fact: Killer Whales (Orcas) are NOT actually whales – they’re dolphins!

Sadly, all five Orcas  were sleeping, so we didn’t get to see much more than the giants semi consciously swim in synchronisation for a few miles.

Certainly not worthy of the Nat Geo series, though.

On the way back we stopped off for a quick look at Edith Macefield House and the Freemont Troll before heading out.


When developers were renovating the area, they offered the stubborn OAP, Edith $1million for her tiny home but she refused to sell… So, they just built around it.

Edith Macefield House
[Edith Macefield House] Address: 1438 NW 46th St, Seattle, WA 98107, USA

She’s dead now. But the house will stay put and the legend of Mrs Macefield will forever live on.


The 18ft monstrous sculpture was created by artists in a bid to prevent drug dealers from gathering under the bridge.

Seemed to have worked… (somehow).

Freemont Troll, Seattle, USA
Fremont Troll: Troll Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA


The next morning, I had to chose between either the Starbucks Reserve Roastery or the Boeing Plane Factory for some more geeky sh*t.

Given my fear of flying, it made sense to see how planes are made.

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The nerdy tour was about 90-minutes and only cost $25.00.

Pretty cool as we got to see them assemble bits, whilst touring underground tunnels in the world’s largest building.

Cameras and phones were banned though, so you won’t be able to get any cool photos (like below) :/

Boeing Plane Factory, Seattle
Boeing Plane Factory, Seattle

After hearing about the Boeing Factory’s £30,000 a day electric bill – I thought I’d rack up some debt at the Seattle Premium Outlets

Seattle Premium Outlets: 10600 Quil Ceda Blvd, Tulalip, WA 98271, USA

We passed a dozen Cannabis shops on the way back to downtown, but chose to feat on plate of Buffalo Wild Wings instead of the legal puff cake.


Buffalo Wild Wings
Buffalo Wild Wings

I then spunked $40 on a disappointing, 600ft lift up the Cities most popular landmark, The Space Needle.


The Space Needle
The Space Needle

Compared to Las Vegas’ Stratosphere or Toronto’s CN Tower, Space Needle was pretty naff.

But it does have a revolving glass floor which was okay I guess.

If you’re into fish, Pike Place Fish Market is a MUST, apparently.

Personally, I can’t stand the smell of fish so didn’t hang around for too long.

Gum Wall is just around the corner and was named one of the “Germiest tourist attractions” in 2009 (yes that’s a thing).

Capitol Hill is where you’ll want to spend your Saturday night – and if you’re into your cocktails as much as I am, you’ll want to check out Canon for as long as you can afford.

Canon, Cockatil Bar in Seattle [928 12th Ave Seattle, WA]
Canon, Cockatil Bar in Seattle [928 12th Ave Seattle, WA]

The place holds America’s record for the largest spirit collection and has won a dozen cocktail-related awards.

Doors open from 5:00pm – 2:00am.

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As the 48 hours come to a close, I was gutted I couldn’t stick around to see more of the city (as there was so much more to do).

Seattle, I’ll be back.

Although I’m still curious what’d I’d have got if I took that “special” coffee…