Cascata del Salto waterfall cliff-dive in Switzerland

Record breaking cliff-dive from Switzerland's Cascata del Salto waterfall looks f*cking insane!!!

​Think you’ve got balls of steel? Well check this out…

Ballsy Brazilian,  Laso Schaller jumps 193ft of a rocky ledge and plunges into a tiny pool.

Now we’ve all got a mate who thinks they’d do anything, right?

My mad mate, Matt for example, once stubbed a cigarette out on his wrist in a bid to prove he couldn’t feel pain, as well as dangle off school roofs and Multi-storey car parks just for thrills during school years.

He’s fearless and can’t feel pain.. Well, so I thought.

But when I asked our Karl Pilkington look-a-like whether he’d be willing to take on the world record breaking waterfall leap, he’s response was no different to anyone else with a brain, NO!

I watched the video again, and can’t blame him.

Turns out the Brazilian-born daredevil (the guy in the video) is one of Red Bull‘s stunt men – you know, the energy drink brand responsible for getting that Felix fella to skydive from space (below).

Laso will be pleased to have have landed himself as slot in the Guinness World Records for the highest cliff-dive.. Shame about dislocating his hip though.

I wonder if the first thing he said after the jump was…

Ouch, my…  HIP, HIP, HOORAY!