Thorpe Park’s Fright Night was very frightening indeed

It’s not often you’ll get to see Paul jump out of his skin – but when you’re getting chased through an abandoned carnival by crazy clowns, blinded by trippy strobe lights and deathened by harrowing screams – it’s no wonder our fearless, food-eating blogger was begging for his Mummy by the end of the night.

Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating a little bit, but the “The Big Top” creepy clown maze was f****** terrifying… and brilliant!


It’s the month of Halloween, and that means only one thing for Britain’s best theme park… Fright Night!

Me, Paul, Shane, Bianca and a bus full of reality TV stars and celebs were invited to Thorpe Park, to celebrate Fright Night’s 15th anniversary – and the event did not disappoint.

It’s as if having a theme park all to your self wasn’t creepy enough – let alone in the pitch black and with the Made in Chelsea and TOWIE lot wandering around.

Thorpe Park's Fright Night Maze - PLATFORM 15
Thorpe Park’s Fright Night Maze – PLATFORM 15

PLATFORM 15 is the park’s newest maze, where you’ll be guided down a dark and “deserted railroad”, before encountering some strange surprises along the way.

There’s five of these live action mazes to chose from, Platform 15, Saw, Blair Witch, The Big Top, Containment and The Cabin in the Woods – all of which have been expertly crafted.


If I’m honest (and picky), the Saw maze didn’t do much in terms of scaring anybody other than the guy at the front. But the almost vertical chain lift (the bit that drags you to the top) of the 100ft ride scared the absolute s*** out of me!

Looks like former BB babe, Josie Gibson was having the breast time ever
Looks like former BB babe, Josie Gibson was having the breast time ever

Here’s some of our favourite rides at Thorpe Park:

Collosus: Which until recently (2013), held the world record for the rollercoaster with the most inversions (upside downs).

SAW: The world’s first horror movie rollercoaster where you get to experience (at 100ft) a ‘beyond vertical’ drop.

The Swarm: The UK’s first winged rollercoaster.

Thorpe Park's roller coaster, The Swarm
Thorpe Park’s roller coaster, The Swarm

Stealth: Get blasted from 0-80 in under two seconds and launched 205ft in the air.

Of course, there’s LOADS more, all of which you can check out on their website.

Sadly, the ride I look forward to experiencing the most had technical difficulties so am gonna have to take Thorpe Park’s word on how they describe Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – “A world’s first, one-of-a-kind experience like nothing you have ever seen before. This Ghost Train will blow your mind!”

How cool does that sound!?

It’s the best time of the year to come Thorpe Park, but obviously gets extremely busy so try and avoid peak times if you can.

Thorpe Park is open from 10am-10pm and tickets cost £30.

Fright Nights attractions open from 3pm and are on the following dates:
7th – 9th October
14th – 16th October
21st – 31st October