Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within experience (Singapore 2019)

Thousands of people from all over the world have come to see a man who’s promised go change their lives forever!

It’s midday at Singapore’s Expo Center and thousands of people from all over the world have come to see a man who’s promised go change their lives forever!

We’ve been waiting almost two hours for the 6ft, 7 giant to appear, but there’s no sign of him yet.

Am I the only one in the room that gives a sh*t that he’s late? How can the “greatest life coach on Earth”, Tony Robbins, be so late? Isn’t he supposed to be setting an example?

As I look around the room, in search for other p*ssed off faces, I couldn’t help but notice how much variety was in the crowd.

Some, like me, were flooded with nerves whilst others carried confident smiles. There was people of all colours, sizes, races and religions.

So I decide to leave the arena and grab a quick coffee. But of course, just as I go to order my double espresso I could hear the crowd start to cheer.

Tony Robbins has arrived.

As I race back, I could hear roars from the crowd echoing through the building.

The entire centre was shaking. People jumped wildly and danced like they were off their heads on acid at the world’s biggest EDM festival.


“What the f*ck have I signed up for?” I asked myself.

It’s the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” workshop, Singapore.


With deafening anthems, flashing lights and constant cheering – I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable.

I’m an introvert after all. You know, the type of guy who’d stand in the corner of a nightclub, too scared to dance. I felt awkward and wanted to leave already.

“But that’s why you are hear“ says a voice inside my head.

All of a sudden, Tony makes a growling sound. The music stops perfectly in time with one of his signature fist pumps and the crowd are instantly silenced.

You could have heard a pin drop.

Day #1: Create an extra ordinary life

For the next 12-hours Tony talks about the power of psychology and the importance physiology plays when trying to create an extraordinary life…

The information was pure gold and his delivery (as you’d expect) was nothing short of world class.

Every 20 minutes or so, we were told to put down our pens and pads and to stand-up, and dance like crazy, as the room exploded with energy and more music.

Each time, the entire room calls out affirmations… Installing positive thinking into our minds, apparently.

“Yes!”, “Yes!”, “Yes!”

Several hours later, I’m laying on my back with my eyes closed as Tony guides the room through a meditation with the Titanic movie soundtrack playing in the background.

That Headspace guy has nothing on Tony Robbins…

Just as I’m about the fall asleep, Tony prepares the room for a f*cking fire walk!!!

Here’s Oprah Winfrey doing it several years ago.

Day #2: The Power Of Momentum and Creating and Abundant Mindset

I was far less nervous when I arrived on the second day. And by the looks of other people’s faces, I wasn’t alone.

By 10am the room was full of happy faces and “I’M A FIRE WALKER TEE-SHIRTS“… We were all buzzing and excited for round two, but was soon to receive some disappointing news.

A short man comes to the stage and makes a rather surprising announcement…

“You were probably expecting a 6ft, 7 white man today… But instead you’ve got a 5ft 9 black guy.”

The crowd laughs, turns out he was telling the truth.

Tony wasn’t speaking today. WTF!?

Fortunately, Joseph McClendon III was absolutely astonishing, and in someways, better than Tony (yes, I just said that).

Tony’s little 65-year-old business partner, reminded me of smarter version of Eddie Murphy.

The little comic taught us how to find our passions, and how to commit. We played group games, hugged each other a lot and he even beat us all at the largest game of “Simon Says” I’ve ever seen.

By the end of the day we all were much clearer on how and the importance of peak state.

We learned how to thrive, and create a compelling future and above all, the importance of physiology – which would explain why we were asked to hug a lot and go crazy every 10 minutes of so.

Old clips of Tony was played throughout the day on huge screens, which seemed to offer just the same amount of value when the big guys was in the room.

The Multimillionaire Mindset Mentor received a standing ovation which actually rivalled Tony’s the night before.

He was simply brilliant.

Gerard Butler Quote on Tony Robbins
Gerard Butler Quote on Tony Robbins

Day #3: Eliminate Inner Conflicts, Unlock Your True Potential & Unleash the Power Within

We were promised day 3 would be the most transformational, but what occurred was far more than most of us had imagined.

The day started with some basic principles on some simple ways to grow and let go – before moving on to our core values and beliefs.

But the real magic happened during a cult-like mantra which read:

“Now I am the Voice.
I will lead, not follow.
I will believe, not doubt.
I will create, not destroy.
I am a force for good.
I am a leader.
Defy the odds!
Set a new standard!

Yes, I know it sounds like some hocus-pocus bullsh*t, and believe me, I’m an awkward introvert, who hates this kind of cr*p, well…

But this was all about removing limiting beliefs.

Using an extremely powerful NLP technique, Tony had got us all to imagine our most powerful limitations…

And in my case, that was lack of confidence.

In a hypnotised state, eyes closed, we were told to imagine what our lives would be like if we were to live the rest of our lives with this limiting belief.

Some of the sounds in the room were disturbing.

People starting to scream, yelp and cry as the intensity of the therapy increased…

The distressing and uncomfortable experience ended with a sudden burst of hope, where by the room cheered in delight and ridded themselves of their limited beliefs.

Nobody was the same after that – not even me!

Everybody in the room clapped and assured themselves by chanting the word “Yes” over an over.

Transformed bodies left the room with their backs up straight, and smiles glued from cheek to cheek.

I immediately felt more relaxed and comfortable dancing, and yelling aloud (something I had been reserved about the previous two days)..

Day #4: Creating a Vital life

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person in the room who was disappointed with Tony for not appearing until the final hour.

Whilst Joseph McClendon and Nick Santonastasso smashed it again…

…and some of the archive clips of Tony literally touched our hearts, made us laugh and cry, a live version of him would have been better.


A lot of Day 4 was plugging his partner businesses and of course, his Mastery Courses, where you get to live on his Island in Fiji for $10,000 and basically get taught to take your business to the next level.

Despite being a bit “sales-y” at the end, I can honestly say that after looking into the reviews, if I could access $10,000 I would have booked the course there and then!

By the looks of it, the experience is an absolute no-brainer for any business owner.

Pretty sure there’s a money-back guarantee (no questions asked) kind of deal too…

More info on that here if you’re interested.


If you’re looking for deep, insightful wisdom then you won’t find it here. Unleash the Power Within is about letting go of limiting beliefs and building energy with the use of physiology, a positive mindset and motivation.

The workshop was funny, emotional and uncomfortable throughout.

Tony repeated many critical things to drive points home and increase retention, whilst hooking us in with some of his life stories.

I entered the room nervous and with several doubts about myself…

And I left feeling confident, and full of certainty.

Thanks Tony.


Little bit on me

I was a short, shy kid at school who suffered from acne which lead to severe confidence issues.
One of my parents cheated on the other when I was 12, which caused them to break-up. I was devastated by this, and found myself crying in the school library once or twice a week, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do, when you’re trying to make friends at a new school.

I started puberty late, and used to cover my eyes whenever a girl looked at me. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most popular kid.

By 21, I’d managed to find passion for weight training and kickboxing. And with the help of a strict diet, will power and a responsible steroid cycle, I was no longer that little kid.

My sex-life had increased as an indirect result of this new found body and of course, some dutch courage – but there was still underlying confidence issues, which didn’t grow as fast as my biceps.

For more than 10-years, I’d accepted that I’m just one of those guys who has no confidence. So I avoided things like nightclubs, dating, group events and even family dinners.

I’m now sitting in the 7 Wonders Hostel (average, 5/11) after completing the Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power within” workshop and I feel very different to how I did a few days ago.

Let’s hope it keeps up.




Let’s get real: we’re living in a time when most people are lowering their expectations. We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty: at a time when 63% of Americans believe that the quality of life for themselves and their children’s future is far less than what it was in the past. We’re in a season of change— where we must thrive and not survive.

No matter how successful you are, there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. If your career is going great, you very often don’t have time for your kids. If your relationship
with your kids is wonderful, your body is out of whack or your intimate relationship is not where you want it to be.

For almost 40 years, I have passionately pursued the answers to the questions, “what shapes human behavior? How can we create lasting change within ourselves and others?” Through research I’ve conducted, as well and my interaction with 50 million people from 80 countries – I’ve developed some fundamental tools and strategies to help maximize our capabilities as human beings and measurably accelerate the pace at which we can achieve our true goals and desires.

In the process, I have also come to realize that without our health, we have nothing. The importance of our physical health is undeniable, and so at the end of this weekend, you will learn what more than three decades of study has taught me – the Master Principles of a Vital Life: The Power of Pure Energy.

This event is about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of life that you desire and deserve. I’m truly excited and privileged to have this opportunity to share with you the best of what I have learned about personal growth and improvement. Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who give in extraordinary ways. Let’s make a joint commitment today to participate together with a new level of intensity and passion, one that goes far beyond anything we’ve done before. Through our playful, outrageous and passionate levels of energy, we can make this seminar a life-altering event you will never forget!

I hope you will join me for 3 1/2 days that will change your life forever, that will help you as you enter through your own crossroads of greatness

Let’s begin the process of taking our lives to the next level now!

Live with passion!


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