Best Stag Do Locations for an Unforgettable Long Weekend

First off then, where to go for this awesome bender, that for one unlucky fella will be his last for a long time?

Before you watch him walk up the aisle to a lifetime of curfews and beer bans, get your thinking cap on to give him an unforgettable send off.

Where you choose to go for this epic occasion could be make or break.

Stay in the UK and save yourself extra money for beers and lap dances, or fly further afield any really push the boat out – you decide.

#6: Newcastle

While heading overseas may indeed automatically make this rite of passage an unforgettable occasion, it can also be harder on the wallet and take some precision planning. If you do decide to stay here in Blighty, Newcastle is definitely one of the best places to take the boys for a weekend they will never forget.

best weekend stag do destinations newcastle
Best weekend stag do destinations: Newcastle

Newcastle city centre is easy to get around on foot and full of places to get drunk, making it perfect for taking your group on a bar/club crawl.

Beers, bonnie lasses and a hefty helping of Geordie hospitality will definitely help make this a memorable event but there are also plenty of other stag-do activities in Newcastle to consider besides drinking.

#5: Amsterdam

‘The Dam’ should definitely be on your list of potential party playgrounds. This is a notorious city with a liberal attitude to sex and drugs. Smoke, drink and perv your way through a weekend spent in the infamous Red Light district, or drink beers in the super cool cafes that spill out into the streets from noon til night time.

best weekend stag do destinations amsterdam
Best weekend stag do destinations: Amsterdam

The Dutch are also famously fond of EDM and Amsterdam has some of the very best nightclubs in Europe.

#4: Prague

One of the biggest reasons to visit the Czech capital is the fact that it can be phenomenally cheap. Craft beers on every corner and more bars than you will ever have time to visit, make it a very stag-friendly place indeed.

Weirdly, it’s the Irish bars in Prague that pull in the most punters, and none of them seem to have a problem with stag party antics. Nightclubs are also banging in Prague, with a diverse selection of musical types to cater for all your wildest dance floor fantasies.

Finally, Prague is probably saucier than you think – all that European liberalism and all that – meaning there is a decent selection of strip clubs in the city. Nothing too hardcore though – let’s not get the groom locked up in a foreign jail before the big day.

#3: Krakow

Slap bang at the centre of Eastern Europe’s stag-do culture, Krakow is a city of many sides. The old town is pretty if you’ve come to look at the architecture, but its the Polish love of hearty food, beer, girls and vodka that makes it an ideal stag do destination.

Cheap and definitely cheerful, you can quaff world-class beers on a shoestring budget here, and most of the best bars, nightclubs and hotels are close to Grand Square saving you money on taxis.

The nightlife in Prague is best described as being very “active” – there is always something going on, from student bars and cheap underground clubs to erotic dance shows and even the oh-so-popular venues that offer vodka tasting and oil wrestling evenings.

#2: Bangkok

OK, so you will need deep pockets and an ample holiday allowance to go partying in Bangkok, but boy-oh-boy it will be a week (or more) that you will never forget.

Bangkok comes to life at night and has drinking establishments that are guaranteed to blow your stag’s mind (among other things). Follow in the footsteps of the guys from the Hangover 2 movie by taking a trip to ‘Soi Cowboy’ the infamous street full of go-go bars but try to ensure no one loses a finger.

best weekend stag do destinations bangkok
Best weekend stag do destinations: Bangkok

The ‘Asian City of Angels’ will certainly allow for a trip full of surprises, especially if one of the lads in the group fails to differentiate between the ladies and the ladyboys.

#1: Las Vegas

best weekend stag do destinations las vegas
Best weekend stag do destinations: Las Vegas

Ok, you’ll need more than a weekend here, but Vegas is surely the ultimate stag-do destination of all time. As the old saying goes “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and if there ever was a place to enjoy all of life’s vices, then this is it.

The casinos could lead to bankruptcy within mere hours of arrival, but you can’t go to Vegas without having at least a flutter.

This is a city built for fun and with excess in mind there really is no place better for the groom-to-be to enjoy his last few nights of freedom.

Choose Wisely

If you’re minted and don’t need to be back in the office anytime soon, Vegas and Bangkok are pretty solid options for unforgettable stag-dos.

But there are plenty of more realistic options to choose from for the more budget and time conscious among you.