Croatia Music Week: Ultra Europe 2016

It’s Friday 15th July – AKA the opening day of Ultra Europe 2016 – or so we thought…

Turns out that the first destination on our party-packed itinerary was actually a night in our five star Hotel President Solin.


The world’s biggest EDM festival brand / organiser ULTRA had cancelled day 1 due to “dangerous wind conditions” – preventing us and THOUSANDS of wannabe ravers from partying the night away. F***!!!

People waiting outside ultra festival croatia
Crowds of people waiting in the rain for Ultra to open, which it doesn’t.


So what do two strapping young lads who are ready to party all night do in the historical town of Split? Make the most of Hotel President Solin’s facilities, of course. Gym, spa, pool, food then bed.

Hotel Review: Hotel President Solin
Five Star Hotel President Solin


The next morning we’re greeted with a struggling sun and lots of cloud. Not quite the Croatian weather we’d expected. Fortunately though, some of Friday’s best headliners said they’ll play their sets early Saturday afternoon. “Thank F***!!! for that” I think I shouted outloud after reading the great news on ULTRA’s twitter page!

A 15 minute cab ride (UBER is new here in Croatia) and we’re there. It’s 2pm and LOUD.


With no Basshunter attending the festival (the only DJ Lee had heard of) it was my job to explain to the hopeless festival virgin how much of a big deal it was to see legendary Armin Van Buuren – albeit during the day.

Set finished, and beaming like a Cheshire cat – Lee was hooked.

And for some, Armin was too hot to handle..

Armin Van Buuren Collapsed fan
One party goer swept off her feet by Armin Van Buuren

The day wore on, and boy so did my legs, but that wasn’t going to stop me from seeing arguably my favorite DJ from the Saturday. W&W – and wow they didn’t disappoint. From the bass to the lasers I couldn’t possibly fault them.


Randomly bumping into some friends (from home) in the middle of the 50,000 strong crowd was almost as crazy as the event!


The set finished, so we decided to explore Stadion Poljud. As Dash Berlin started we found a seat towards the back, and only then did we get to see first hand the size of the venue. It was f****** huge!

Stadion Polijud
Stadion Poljud

Extremely drunk and head pounding we decided to call it a day after 12 HOURS of raving!


Midday Sunday we wake and take a double dose of 5-HTP. Feeling fragile and in bits, we stock up on food and some much needed rest by our gigantic pool while embracing the sun – who decided to join us at last. Finally, the weather is on our side.

After several hours of baking our bodies in Australia Gold’s Factor 15 – it was time for round 2 – and we were absolutely buzzing with excitemnt!

Ultra music festival Europe entrance
Ultra music festival Europe entrance

On arrival, we decided to ask as many people as we could find with flags if we could take their picture. Some were more than happy, others looked at us like we’d escaped from a mental asylum. Not only that, but asking ravers who were as high as the Empire State for a picture – in another language – was just as tough as it sounds.

Flags from, Portugal.Croatia, Switzerland, South Africa
Flags from, Portugal.Croatia, Switzerland, South Africa

For more “Flags of ULTRA” click here.


Afrojack, David Guetta and Martin Garrix lay ahead for us, and today is a different atmosphere from yesterday by a long way. The party vibe was unreal. Everyone was dancing. Everyone was happy. I can see why this is the most anticipated event of the year. Even Lee’s robotic dancing had a place.

Ultra Europe 2016: Some of our favourite festival moments

The party continued and as the night went on the fireworks started. They we unbelievable!! The woos from the crowd were simultaneous.

Giant inflatable balls were released into crowd which people continued to punch flying through the air. When one come round to me I tried my hardest to connect a right hook – I failed miserably.


Hardwell closed the night with a firework spectacle which left the crowd in awe. Not only that, but he then dropped the very in trend Pokemon theme tune, which the crowd and myself included, LOVED!



The variety of DJ’s on display was unreal, from the up and coming DJ’s on the Ultra Worldwide and Ultra Arcadia stages, to the main stage itself. There really was something for everyone.


Ultimately this festival is like no other. Every person attending is there to enjoy the music and soak up what I’d describe as the best party atmosphere I’ve ever been too. And that is a huge credit to the Ultra brand and all of the organizers involved – including the paramedic team who seemed to be everwhere within minutes of being needed.


If there is one festival you are looking to attend next year, it HAS to be one of the 22 Ultras’ around the world. You will not be disappointed!!


I look forward to my next Ultra Music Festival.


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