Brother in life and death Wi-Fi dilemma

Woke up yesterday morning to a text from my brother:

“Desperately need help, phone me.. It’s an EMERGENCY!!!”

The first thing I thought was WTF has he done?! It’s his first holiday with his missus, Cass – who’s equally just as crazy as he is – which means ANYTHING could have happened.

Mark and Cass on boat in Egypt
Mark and Cass on boat in Egypt

Turns out though, it was even more more serious than I thought…

It was The Sun’s Dream Team transfer deadline day and the hotel they’re staying at has dog-awful WiFi!!

For Mark – who’s trailing 75 points – getting these transfers done was more important than life itself – which is evident (below) as he battles to load up the app – while Cass practices selfies.

Dream Team League
Dream Team League 2015


Of course I agreed to help, and with ease (god bless British internet connections) swapped out his rusty selections for a couple of slight improvements.

Not going to question why he’s ditching Kane for Gomis.. I’m guessing he don’t know Spurs have a couple of additional (easy) Europa League games over Swansea?

As for putting a Villa defender in, errr..


Mark's Transfers
Mark’s Transfers

Let’s just hope the holiday turns out better than his Dream Team subs 🙂

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