Cheap stag destinations

Looking for the cheapest Cheap stag destinations? Well, here's the cheapest and best places to take the bachelor.

We’ve quizzed our pals and checked out the latest Google trends to reveal our definitive Top 5 places to go for a cheap stag do.

Be it for booze, birds or..well, more booze, we’re chomping at the bit to board a flight out there next year.

So here we go…just click on each link for more information, including the best bars to visit, top places to eat and stuff to do during the day, such as karting, shooting and even bobsleigh.

Cheapest stag destinations

5) Riga, Latvia

Radisson Blu skyline bar, Riga, Latvia

Go bonkers in the Baltics with a trip to Riga – a stag party magnet of cheap booze and hot women.Ladsholidayguide’s Lee Walpole, above, recently hit the city for a weekend of carnage, which you can read about here. He shot guns, downed incredible cocktails and paid to get locked in a room. Well worth a visit.

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4) Reykjavic, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

So much more than just Northern Lights. Hit the Blue Lagoon and unwind in the natural volcano-heated waters of this stunning but stinky country (yes, it smells of eggs). Go off the tourist track to race snow mobiles in the north or ski over now-covered land during the winter. Booze is pricey but it’s money well spent on a trip you’ll never forget. Also great for a trip with your missus, as this review proved.

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3) Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

A short flight of less than three hours from the UK and you’re in a sun-drenched party paradise, with stunning women, bars, entertainment, beaches – oh, and of course an half-decent football team too. Few better places for a weekend away with the lads – or the missus. Tapas galore to be had and you won’t blow the bank (unless you stay at the W).

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2) New York, USA

More New York Tourist spots with Lee Walpole and Luke Butler

We could write a list of amazing lads holiday destinations across the USA – think Las Vegas, Miami, Austin – we could go on. Or you could follow our Adam Richman Man Vs Food map and eat your way across the States. But for 2016 we recommend a trip over to New York City. The Big Apple has always been a big draw but with flights cheaper than ever with airlines upping their routes between the UK and NYC (British Airways alone fly 12 times A DAY now) we reckon it’s closer than ever to get yourself out there. Read our recent review of New York at Christmas to find out what you could be getting up to, featuring sexy Santas, the best cocktail bars and a few ideas for your next visit in 2016.

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1) Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 09.51.14

Ok, this isn’t the most glam place to go – but for a lads trip abroad with a short flight, cheap booze and accommodation, you’d do well to beat this place in 2016. You’ve probably seen it on the telly with ‘Whatever Happens in Sunny Beach’ – well, that’s pretty much the deal. Expect bonkers behaviour from both sexes, bar promotions, party games with the opposite sex – the lot. But don’t go too early in the year as it’s cold! Book a cheap deal now for June time when the temperatures crank up – it’ll give you and the boys something to look forward to.

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