Players’ paradise: App for cheating abroad

Giving out your phone number to foreign women without fearing your wife or girlfriend finding out is now possible thanks to a sneaky new app which lets you have up to FIVE different numbers in the same phone.

It’s a freebie download called Swytch and means loverat lads can text and call from different numbers at the touch of a button.

You get 50p credit and calls to landlines are 0.05p a minute, mobiles are 0.06p. Texts are also 0.06p.

This is bound to be the No1 download for lads looking to go away any time soon for some naughtiness behind their partner’s back.

Obviously, it will also prove popular to fellas who like to juggle the ladies back at home.

The App’s founder Chris Michael said: “The bottom line is, if someone wants to hide something, they will find a way.

“While building it for people who use online dating services we realised it could also attract the unfaithful ones, but they will definitely not be the users getting the greatest value out of Swytch.

“Swytch has attracted thousands of users in the first few months with fantastic engagement as our registered users begin to use the service more and more.”