Danish women urged to have more sex

I was quickly shut down by the missus when I suggested taking the next flight to Denmark to help a handful of gorgeous Danes beat their declining population.

But for any single lads, looking for love – surely this is the place to head?

Well that’s the initial impression I got after watching the first 30 seconds of the ‘Do it for Mom’ campaign – but it turns out, it’s less seedy that it sounds.

The travel firm, Spies Rejser is encouraging couples to go on holiday in a desperate bid to help stop the countries falling birthrate.

It’s said that Dane’s are 51% more likely to bang whilst on a sunny travels – so if you ever meet a Danish bird in your travels, know that you’re odds on favourite to get some 😉

The sexy ad urges Danish Mums and Dads to contribute to their children’s naughty getaways.

Talking of urges, I think I might just book a trip to Copenhagen.

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