Anus Steak House: Japanese arse-licking restaurant

Japanese ass-eating fetish shop is the only venue on Earth which prides itself for serving sh*t meals.

“Excuse me waiter, my meal tastes like SH*T!!!”​​

Check out this  Japanese fetish shop which brings a hole new meaning to word “eating out” – as guests get to sniff and TASTE anus from a wall of bums menu.

Anus Steak House: Japanese ass-licking restaurant
Anus Steak House: Japanese ass-licking restaurant


Yes, that’s right… The Great Wall of china has nothing on Japan’s Great Wall of Bums! – just try not pick the wrong dish or you’ll end up with a fart in your face…


Anus Steak House
Anus Steak House, anyone?


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And one more time for fun 😉


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