Natalie Amyot’s begs one-night stand to come forward in video

We’ve all got that filthy mate who shags just about anything!

He’s the undisputed champion of “Bang a Beast” and “F*ck a Fatty”..

Riddled with at least two sexual diseases and armed with an impressive three-digit shag count – Lads Holidays aren’t the same without him.

Let’s just hope he’s not responsible for seeding mum-to-be, Natalie Amyot – who’s desperately trying to find the guy responsible for impregnating her.

Whoever the tanned, 6ft blonde chap is, he’ll be getting a shock when he sees his one-night stand’s 30-second YouTube plea is starting to spread across the web faster than an STD.

…or so we thought!

Turns out the whole thing was a marketing hoax for Mooloolaba – a tourist spot in Queensland, Australia (see below)

Part 2: Pregnant tourist, Natalie Amyot’s mystery man has been found…

Yes, it was a marketing stunt!! And a great one, so can people stop moaning and get over it.

For those of you who have been asleep for the last couple of days, a pretty French girl, named ‘Natalie Amyot’ posted a video on YouTube, begging for the man who impregnated her to come forward.

Millions of people watched and shared the video (above link) as it spread across the media like an STD in Malia.

A couple of days later, social media mastermind Andy Sellar reveals the whole thing was a hoax.

Okay, so not everybody was fooled (most was) but it’s certainly got me thinking about adding Mooloolaba to my Australian itinerary.

Might pop in and see the Sunny Coast Social Media team too, for some marketing tips, tricks and… French babes.