Learn to pull women this Christmas with new VIRTUAL REALITY dating coach app

Christmas is the best time to pull women. Fact.

It’s that time of year where loved-up couples pollute social media accounts with photos from Winter Wonderland and post pics of shopping trips to Oxford Street.

It’s both soppy and beautiful, but more importantly – for hot, single women – it’s depressing.

Girls realise the significance of this festive time of year and subconsciously want a boyfriend as they don’t want to be alone.

This makes them much more open to meeting somebody new.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Chances are you’ve read (or at least heard of) Neil Strauss’s The Game?

Trouble is, it’s awkward pulling off any of the world famous dating coaches one-liner techniques with any class. And English girls aren’t as easy as Americans, so require a tad more grafting.

Bottom line is – let’s face it – you’re dog-shit when it comes to pulling birds and need help.

Then it might be worth checking this out.


It’s the world’s first Virtual Reality dating course, which promised to “give a man the skillset to put any woman”.

Magic Leone (attractionmethods.com) teaches his best tips and tricks over 12 lessons and 8 practical, interactive sessions, said to “give men tools to enhance their power of attraction and develop behavior patterns that women find irresistible”.

Before you spunk hundreds of pounds on weekend courses and one-to-one sessions with dating coaches, give it a try.

More more info and where to download the app visit datinglessonsvr.com

NOTE: We haven’t tested this it out yet so can’t make any promises – but if it’s even half as good as it says it is, who knows – this year you might find yourself pulling a cracker or two.