Top 30 horniest cities in the world

Ever wondered where the horniest cities in the world are? Here’s a list of the most sexually active destinations.

Ever wondered where on Earth you can find the horniest cities? And by that, I mean people who love sex the most.

Well, if you’ve ever slept with a Brazilian before you’d already know the answer already…

Rio de Janeiro, obviously – as when it comes to sex, these freaky f*ckers are something else in the bedroom!

Paris cum come second, and for once, England reached the top 5 – thanks to Londoners getting their east-ends away.

But the South East wasn’t the only UK city to rank in the world’s top 100 most sexually active cities.

Here’s the most sexually active cities in the UK, which shagged their way into the global charts..

Rank City Country Score
5 London England 9.6
40 Glasgow Scotland 6.1
49 Manchester England 5.2
4 Edinburgh Scotland 52
60 Liverpool England 4.1
64 Birmingham England 3.7
66 Bristol England 3.5
67 Cardiff Wales 3.4
72 Leicester England 2.9
74 Leeds England 2.7
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And here’s the definitive list of the top 30 most sexually active cities in the world.

Rank City Country Score
1 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 10
2 Paris France 9.9
3 Los Angeles USA 9.8
4 Ibiza Town Spain 9.7
5 London England, UK 9.6
6 Berlin Germany 9.5
7 Santiago Chile 9.4
8 Prague Czech Rep. 9.3
9 New York City USA 9.2
10 Johannesburg South Africa 9.1
11 Zagreb Croatia 9
12 Sydney Australia 8.9
13 Bangkok Thailand 8.8
14 Chicago USA 8.7
15 San Juan Puerto Rico 8.6
16 Las Vegas USA 8.5
17 Melbourne Australia 8.4
18 Hamburg Germany 8.3
19 Athens Greece 8.2
20 Miami USA 8.1
21 Barcelona Spain 8
22 Sao Paulo Brazil 7.9
23 Marseille France 7.8
24 Auckland New Zealand 7.7
25 Medellin Colombia 7.6
26 Havana Cuba 7.5
27 Belgrade Serbia 7.4
28 Rome Italy 7.3
29 Munich Germany 7.2
30 San Francisco USA 7.1
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We can thank for the sexstistics, who asked around 500,000 horny youngsters from over 200 cities how much they f*ck.

It was one of the biggest sex surveys ever taken, until Pornhub shared some of their insights.

Top horniest cities who love watching porn.
Top horniest cities who love watching porn.


Here’s a list of horniest cities that love watching porn.

Top horniest cities who love watching porn and having sex
Top horniest cities who love watching porn.


Final Note:

I’m not sure how handy any of this data really is though. My advice, if you’re just looking for places to get laid,  stop looking at the horniest cities and check out these sex hungry party destinations.

Good luck and remember, always wear a Johnny!