My experience DATING a Thai prostitute in Phuket’s sex capital, Patong

Within moments of walking into the bar, I was greeted by a gorgeous little Thai, who took me by the hand and escorted me to a small table and asked what I wanted to drink.

The room was full of middle-aged, white men – who were accompanied by girls half their age.

“Wanna play a game?” asked the tiny Asian, as she served a spiced Mai Tai and revealed an old-school, Connect Four grid.

“If you win, you get free drink. If I win, you buy me one?” she said with a cheeky smile.

Challenge accepted.

Several defeats and a handful of rounds later, I came to the conclusion that I was never going to win – but I carried on playing anyway, as truth is, I wanted to f*ck her brains out!

An hour passes and we haven’t stopped flirting with each other. She’s cute, tiny frame but with curves in the right places, pretty face too. Easy 8/10.

We eventually traded the red and yellow Connect Four pieces for some balls and a cue.

I thought I stood a much better chance of beating her at pool, and I was right.

But despite winning with ease, the real win come from my exclusive view of her tight ass and cleavage each time she leant over the table.

As the night progressed, we continued to devour the cocktail menu as if it were a rack of ribs.

We couldn’t get enough of each other.

For a moment, I’d completely forgotten what she was, until she asked…

“Do you want me?”
I stopped and stared at her, a little shocked as it came out of nowhere.

She revisited the question, more specifically… “Do you want boom boom?”

“Errr, yes”, I said. Her face broke into a cute smile.

We negotiated the price for a bit, and I eventually got her down to 2000Baht for the night (that’s about £40 quid.)

As I jumped onto the scooter and she gripped my waist, I looked back at her and said “Ready?” I couldn’t believe my luck.

We walk into the hotel and the man on reception smiles at me whilst nodding his head in approval.

As I open the door to the room she kisses me, but then stops – and says she’s going to have a shower.

Meanwhile, I strip off, pop a Viagra, hop into bed and start fiddling with my flop as for some stupid reason, I want her to be impressed (if you know what I mean).

She walks over to me, wearing nothing but a towel, starts to kiss me, whilst feeling me through the covers.

She then drops the towel, and reveals a faultless frame, before pulling back the duvet and sucking my rock hard d*ck for a good twenty minutes.

I could have easily come in her mouth, twice.

We went at it like rabbits for an hour or so, sweating our tits off, but loving each and every thrust.

We’d have probably gone on all night if it wasn’t for the fact I’d cramped up, but she kind of found that cute and ended up falling asleep in my arms.

When I woke up the next morning, she was still there, snuggled up in exactly the same position. She looked cute. Really cute.

I hop in the shower, but before long am greeted by the shaven Goddess who was wearing nothing but a beaming smile and perfect set of tits.

Like most men in this situation, I was as stiff as a board, and she didn’t let it go to waste.

Without hesitation, she performed quite possibly one of the finest blowjobs I’ve ever received.

We dried off, and got back into bed where we talked and watched a movies until late in the day.

Before she left, we’d exchanged numbers and promised to meet up again.

And true to her word, when she finished her shift at the bar, I got a message and a knock on the door.

I’d be lying if I said this session was anything epic. Perhaps the absence of Viagra explained why I lasted less than a minute?

Either that or the fact that sleeping bareback is sooo much more satisfying – especially when you come inside them. How f*cking stupid and irresponsible of me.

After rinsing my residue from her insides, she got back into bed where we spent the rest of the night cuddling up like lovers.

I was genuinely beginning to fall for her.

We made a habit of texting during the day and meeting up at night.

Free of charge of course, after all we were kind of dating now.

This was pretty much our routine for a week or so until I told her I was leaving to go back to the UK in a couple of days.

She tried convincing me to stay, and refused to sleep until I agreed to think about it.

The next morning, I spent the whole day thinking about her, and felt anxious about leaving Thailand.

As it was my last night in Thailand (she didn’t know that), I thought I’d pop down to the bar where she was working.

As I turn up, I could see her chatting away with some lad who looked like he’d been breastfed steroids since birth.

Phuket is full of gym freaks and Muay Thai fighters – and this guy is one of the biggest tanks I’ve ever seen.

Jealousy (and reality) slapped me in the face like a tonne of sh*t. I’m unsure whether I felt more sick or stupid.

But just as I went to walk away, I heard her shout my name and run towards me.

She pounced at me, wrapped her arms and legs around my body, and kissed me as if nobody was watching.

I hung around until my little crush had finished her shift, and we went for a midnight beach walk, which is where she dropped the “L-bomb”.

Love is a strong word, I said. But she was convinced.

For a few hours we discussed the crazy possibility of becoming “boyfriend and girlfriend” and how I can live in Thailand and we could get a place together.

She was apparently tied into a contract with the bar which meant if she wanted to leave, she’d have to pay the equivalent of £250.

She then explained how making money in Phuket isn’t easy, and asked whether I could “look after her” if she was to quit prostitution.

On average, she used to make around £75 a day, which works out roughly a fella a night.

F*ck knows how many men she’d banged in the last year, let alone lifetime.

As we started to unravel the ins and outs of her chosen career, I’d started to get cold feet – after all, no guys wants to date a girl who used to suck c*cks for a living.

Our last night together was pretty average.

She still had no idea I was leaving when she departed my hotel in the morning.

The next message she got from me was when I was boarding the connecting flight at Bangkok.