Nanabowls: Delicious protein packed, gluten-free and dairy-free smoothies

If you haven’t heard of the word Nanabowls yet, you probably will soon. It’s the guilt-free alternative to ice cream and comes in a variety of sexy flavours.

Shane tucks in to a Strawberry Bliss Nanabowl in Phuket, Thailand
Shane tucks in to a Strawberry Bliss Nanabowl in Phuket, Thailand

From Strawberry Bliss to Peanut Butter Salted Caramel – each Nanabowl is stacked with gluten-free granola so they don’t only taste fantastic – but they’re healthy too!

Founder Phil Anthony – who helped set up Thailand’s number one detox retreat (Phuket Cleanse) – has teamed up with the gorgeous Jess Moses, who’s mission is to create the “world’s most delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls” – and they’re doing just that.

Nanabowls founder Phil and Jess
Nanabowls founders Phil and Jess

Each smoothie is made from natural ingredients. And they’re not only packed full of protein and fibre, but they’re also free from dairy, gluten and soy. How’s that for a treat?

peanut butter and strawberry nanabowls smoothie bowls
People go crazy for the peanut butter and strawberry Nanabowls

Where can you buy them?

Sadly they’ve not reached UK yet, but you can find them in Phuket, Thailand or make them from home by checking out their recipe page.

Okay, they might be the best tasting smoothies on the planet, but it’s unlikely anyone will want to travel half way across the world for one – so if you’re looking for another excuse to visit Thailand’s paradise beach Island, check out our Phuket travel guide for inspiration – it’s genuinely one of the best destinations in the world.

Phuket is full of fitness and health retreats, so if you wanted to get in shape, rip up, bulk, trim or tan –  the place is loaded with options for everyone.

Flights to Phuket start from as little as £300 return.

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