Dinner at the Twits looks dreadful… in a really good way!

Fancy dinner with The Twits?

Well now you can because the twisted Roald Dahl characters are hosting some crazy dinner party in London until late October.

Dinner at the Twits

Guests get to tour the Ghastly Garden before feasting on a variety of crazy dishes in the Windowless House with Mr & Mrs Twit.

It’s an adults only event, you’ve been warned.


Slowly braised turkey and pheasant pie garnished with the claws of a thousand fowl.

Haven’t made my mind up about the menu yet – as it looks both delicious and disgusting.
Tickets cost from £76.50 and include 90 minutes of entertainment, ½ bottle of wine and a variety of dishes!


Dinner at the Twits

Getting there is easy. Exit Waterloo station via exit 1 (next to platform 1).

Turn right for about 100m until you come to a set of stairs. Walk down them and turn right onto Leake Street (The Graffiti Tunnel).

The Vaults will appear on your right.

Dinner at the Twits