Spa breaks (for men): 5 Genius reasons for guys to go on a spa weekend

There’s a handful of reasons men should be regularly spending time in the spa...

We’ve all heard the health benefits of a spa, you know, stress reduction, detoxification, mind healing, bla bla bla…

Well forget all of that for now – because here’s five alternative (but great) reasons to consider a spa holiday.

#1: Lots of women do spa days / breaks
Chances are, you’ve never heard of – most men haven’t.
Shame… because it’s one of the biggest and best UK spa websites women use to book hen dos and girly weekends away.

In fact, from my experience, there’s few places on earth which guarantees so many women.

That’s, in case you missed it 😉

#2: Bigger erections (and improved sex)
Yep, saunas and steam rooms help improve the blood flow – which is kinda what Viagra does, right?

There’s a dozen studies which delve into the science behind why our bodies get hornier and after a 15 minute steam, but I’m going to assume you don’t fancy a lecture on biochemistry and put it more simply:

Saunas / steam rooms will gets you hornier, harder and improves sexual functions.

So, if you and the lads are on the lash, grab a couple of hours in a spa before you go.

#3: Brain power
Think faster and sharper. Being able to think fast gives us a crucial advantage in all things life.
A short session in the sauna / steam room will help improve brain functioning, as well as repair damaged neurons, and growth of new brain cells.

And with great brains, comes great responsibility.

Smart, eh?

#4: Reciprocity (for lads in relationships)

If you don’t know what that word means, it’s “the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit”.

So in this case, if you take your missus away on a spa break for the weekend, she ‘might’ let you book a lads holiday or something with little to no grief.

See where I’m going with this?

#5: The treatments
There’s some seriously cool treatments for men at spas you know… And we’re not just talking massages.

Most spa venues cater for blokes now and are happy to give us a proper pampering.

There’s facials and skin therapies,  cardiovascular conditioning treatments, body scrubs and all sorts of cool and crazy sh*t you’ve probably never even heard of.

Personally I’m not in to getting a manicure or pedicure – but I sure as hell love a good head rub and back massage.


#6: [last one]…. Stress reduction

Okay, I know I said five genius reasons but here’s a bonus (and quite possibly the best reason of all).

Stress sucks, and to put simply: The more we stress, the worse we perform in life.

Spa days are a fantastic way of chillaxing – and if you’ve never done one, try it and let me know how you get on as I’d love to know.