Top secret, ILLEGAL forest rave in Belhus Woods, Essex

It’s approaching midnight and our local pub is just about to lock up.

“Check this out”, Paul says as he opens up a secret ‘rave in the woods’ invitation on his phone.

15 minutes later and our UBER driver drops us off outside the park gates.

Secret illegal rave Behlus Woods, Essex
Secret illegal rave Behlus Woods, Essex

It’s dark and the event isn’t sign posted – but you can just about hear the music in the distance – so we used our ears to direct us until we see the lights.

As we got closer and deeper into the woods, we could feel the light bass travel through the forest.

For some reason I was nervous… but excited.

As we finally arrive, we joined 200 or more happy ravers and danced to minimal/tech house.

The atmosphere – like the weather – was warm and welcoming. There was an instant buzz and feeling of intimacy.

Netting decorated with little lights, hung above our heads and provided light for the stage.

The ground was uneven, and layered with dry leaves and twigs.

Although a tad annoying, It did of course add to the outdoor experience and was far better than the annoying bottles, broken glass and gum you get on club dance floors.

At some point during the night, a police helicopter hovered over us for a while.

Police Helicopted hovers above Essex Behlus Woods Rave
Police Helicopted hovers above Essex Behlus Woods Rave

Not long after, the music stopped suddenly – cops had found us and approached the DJ.

For a moment we all thought the night had come to an end, but to our delight, the police left and the music continued – as the happy ravers continued to swig, smoke and dance with the trees until 6am, peacefully and at one with nature.

The night was special and the experience is something I won’t be forgetting.

Special thanks to Signum London.

Tips for next illegal rave in the forest

  • 1. Don’t wear your brothers new trainers to an outdoor rave.
  • 2. Take a bottle of water.
  • 3. Make sure you have a s*** before you make your way into the forest.


Some more videos of the night