Lads Holiday Characters: The 18 types of men

From the dirty dog who's researched all the strip clubs to the lad who's p*ssed before he even boards the plane. Here’s eighteen types of lads you'll find on a lads holiday.

The Organiser

This legend booked the trip and sorted the cab to the airport. Without him, there wouldn’t be a holiday.

The Virgin

He’s either been out of the game for so long, or is still a virgin. It’s a team effort to get him laid.

The Bullsh*tter

This lads chats so much sh*t his own ass gets jealous.

The Prankster

He’s a funny b*stard but make sure you’re not in the firing line, as things can get bad, fast!

The Ladies Man

This lad can pull women for fun and it’s sickening to watch.

The Tourist

He’s not interested in getting laid or p*ssed. This lad is here to take pics of temples and viewpoints…

The Nudist

He’s probs all ball and no tool, that doesn’t stop him flopping it out whenever he gets the chance.

The Dirty Dog

This filthy sod knows where all the stripclubs and brasshouses are. He’s no stranger to a night at the pound-a-pot back home too.

The Liability

This lad will be half cut before you’ve even boarded the flight. Loves Jager bombs, women with hard fellas and getting arrested

The Brawler

He’s a danger on a trip – but can come in handy if you get caught up in a ruck.

The Peacekeeper

He’ll greet the bouncers when he arrives at the clubs and make friends with anyone and everyone.

The Joker

He’s the class clown of the group who’s grade-A banter will keep everyone entertained the entire trip.

The Flaker

He’ll say he’s “pacing” himself a lot, but will sneak off early every night to get back and speak to his missus.

The Dancer

Second this lad gets on the dancefloor, he ain’t getting off and the whole club’s in for treat (or not).

The Beefcake

He’s been training months for a chance to show off his guns and wears clothes two sizes too small.

The Tight Ass

This lad’s never bought a round in his life and will dodge whipping out his wallet whenever it’s his turn.

The Ponce

He’s the skint, penny pincher who spunked his budget in the first couple of days and is now forced to scrounge.

The Soppy Sod

This loser loves a holiday romance and will ditch the lads for his holiday fling at the first opportunity.

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