Best party holidays and clubbing destinations in 2022

From Ayia Napa to Zante - here’s the ultimate list of the best clubbing destinations and party holidays this year.

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  1. Cancun
  2. Ibiza
  3. Magaluf
  4. Sunny Beach
  5. Zante
  6. Malia
  7. Kavos
  8. Ayia Napa
  9. Faliraki
  10. Las Vegas
  11. Amsterdam
  12. Phuket

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Here’s a list of the best party holidays in 2022.

Cancun, Mexico

Lads Holiday to Cancun, Mexico
Lads Holiday to Cancun, Mexico: Where thousands of fit yanks party for spring break.

From Vegas style pool parties to Caribbean booze cruises, Cancun is the best place in the world to party.

Better weather, beaches and babes (mostly American) – yes it may be almost twice the price as any European destination, but it’s TEN times better.

And unlike European destinations, things start getting lively in March (Spring Break).

There’s even some ancient Mayan cities to explore for those into a bit of history.

Here’s a list of the best deals we’ve found for Cancun.

Ibiza, Spain

Lads Holiday to Ibiza
Lads Holiday to Ibiza: The world’s undisputed number one clubbing destination.

Amnesia, DC-10, Destino, Space and Ushuaia are just a few of the many world class clubs you’ll find on this party island.

It’s a beautiful place with a monster reputation, which attracts THOUSANDS of ravers from all over the world.

Ibiza does come at a price, however. You’re looking at £60 club entries and single drinks costing anything from £10-25 a pop.

Magaluf, Spain

Magaluf Club Banana's UV Paint Party
Magaluf: The most famous of all lads holiday destinations – and for good reason.

Known for its drunken Brits and some of the craziest bar crawls on Earth!

Maga is the place boys become men and men become boys.

Most women who come here are up for a bang – there’s a reason it’s dubbed Shagaluf.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Magaluf
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Magaluf

Oh, and you’ll probs catch people banging on the beach too… Here’s proof!

Sex selfie taken on Magaluf beach
Sex selfie taken on Magaluf beach

Sunny Beach

sunny beach neon splat candy club
Sunny Beach: Cheap, and it’s getting bigger and better every year.

Cheap booze, bars and clubs are the key ingredients needed for a perfect lads hols, and Sunny Beach ticks all those boxes and more.

Be sure to read this article on what NOT to do in Sunny Beach.

For more on Sunny Beach, check out our Club 18-30 travel guide.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach

Zante, Greece

Lads Holiday to Zante
Lads Holiday to Zante: Perfect destination for Lads Holiday virgins.

From UV paint to foam parties. This Greek Island hosts messy club nights throughout the entire holiday season.

Thousands of students flog here because it’s cheap as chips.

We hired a boat out last year, stocked it with a crate of beers, some birds and some quality house tunes. Was one of the best days of my life!

Zante vs Magaluf: Which is the best lads holiday destination?

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Zante
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Zante


Malia, Greece

The best party destinations 2020
Lads Holiday to Malia: Crete’s number party destination.

Here’s 10 good reasons to go Malia this year.

Ultimately, it’s dirt cheap, full of birds and is perfect for lads holiday virgins.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Malia
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Malia

Kavos, Greece

Lads Holiday to Kavos
Kavos: Poor man’s Ibiza

Not quite an Ibiza, but a great deal for those looking for a bargain clubbing holiday!

It’s one of the most popular lads holiday virgin destinations, and in the same league as Malia and Zante.

The 18-30 party season starts on the 6th June and runs until the 27th of September. (Although covid conditions may change this).

Cheap Kavos Holidays 2021
Cheap Kavos Holidays 2021

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Lads Holiday to Ayia Napa
Lads Holiday to Ayia Napa: One of the best clubbing destinations for R&B and Garage clubbers.

Ayia Napa’s peak season is between June and August, but this party Island opens early (April) and closes later than most (October).

Lads holiday to Ayia Napa: Here’s 9 naughty reasons to go.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Ayia Napa
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Ayia Napa

Faliraki, Greece

Faliraki, Rhodes lads holiday in Greece
Faliraki: Classic lads holiday destination

By 10pm, Bar Street is rammed full of 18-30 year old’s, hungry and ready to party HARD!

Faliraki isn’t just popular with students though, as hundred of stag and hen parties are hosted here too, it’s a classic lads holiday destination!

Cheap lads holiday to Faliraki
Cheap lads holiday to Faliraki

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas strip, Nevada, USA
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: The adult playground of the world and where ANYTHING goes.

I needn’t waffle on about how great Vegas is, I mean after all – it’s the most famous holiday destination in the world, and for good reason. Las Vegas has everything. It’s the city that never sleeps and remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Las Vegas Holidays
Las Vegas Holidays

Oh, and one last thing. American’s LOVE a British accent, so pulling is easier too.

Personally, when I book Vegas I usually grab flights first on SkyScanner and sort hotel later, but you can probs pick up a decent holiday package deal here given current circumstances.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam party
Amsterdam: Home of the world’s most famous red light district.

It’s the ultimate stag destination and perfect weekend trip away with the lads – where you can legally smoke weed, eat shrooms and sleep with *world class brasses.

*Well, at least that’s what this lad said when he lost his virginity with one.

Here’s a good place to find the best deals to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam cheap holidays and flights via Expedia
Deals to Amsterdam

Phuket, Thailand

My experience DATING a Thai prostitute in Phuket's sex capital, Patong
Phuket: Home of Muay Thai and one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth.

Of all the places I’ve ever been, no destination takes fitness as seriously as Phuket.

With a street dedicated to gyms and fight clubs, it’s one of the few holidays you’ll come back looking fitter and healthier than when you set off.

Phuket Cleanse: 7 days detox at a fitness and yoga retreat in Thailand.

There’s plenty to do in Phuket.

Shooting ranges and go-karts, go-go bars, boat hires, island hopping, yacht clubs, safari bike rides, Elephant Sanctuaries, 24 hour pool bars, quality shopping malls, magic mushroom shakes, jet-skis, Island hopping,  and for the spiritually curious, Ayahuasca retreats!

And for unrivalled filth and guaranteed “bang for your buck”, you can visit the go go bars in Patong. 😉

Tip: Try not fall in love with a bar girl like my mate did.

Here’s a good place to find the best deals to Phuket, Thailand.

If you want to know more about the party holiday destinations, check out our brand new travel guides – where break down all the important info, as well as ways you can save money on events and get the cheapest party holiday packages.