Lads holiday to Morocco

If you like spicy food, spa treatments, and seaside shenanigans, then a lads holiday to Morocco could be right up your street.

Morocco has long been on my bucket list, so when I got the opportunity to stay at a swanky all-inclusive hotel, I simply had to go. This country is an unusual choice, in some ways, for a lads’ holiday, as drinking rules are a little stricter and the nightlife quite different from Europe.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. So me and a couple of mates managed to have an absolute blast. Here’s how!


Arriving at the Mazagan Beach Resort

As soon as we pulled up to Magazan Beach Resort, I knew we were in for a great time. This 5-star extravaganza is absolutely designed for proper relaxation. Plenty of people stay at the hotel only, but we’d got the all-inclusive treatment, so we decided to push the limits of what’s possible. Our rooms overlooked the gardens, which were almost jungles bursting with flowers, palm trees, and even the occasional monkey. We pretty quickly got unpacked, changed, and we were ready for some fun.

Mazagan Beach Resort Morocco
Mazagan Beach Resort Morocco

Feeling satisfied with the hotel choice, we headed down to the casino to play a few rounds of roulette. We all love a trip to the casino back in the UK, where we’re familiar with most of the standard etiquette, but in Morocco, it turns out it’s a little different.

Casino Agadir, Morocco
Casino Agadir, Morocco

Unlike in most casinos back home, the dress code for this casino hotel was smart (not smart casual), so our t-shirts weren’t going to cut it. However, once we’d got changed into something more suitable we had no problems and had a really great night.


Enjoying a Detox

Even the best of us sometimes need a detox. Our evening at the casino hotel turned into a night at the hotel bar, so we all felt in need of a little TLC in the morning. Thankfully we didn’t have to go too far as there’s a state of the art spa at the resort. It’s easy to forget why you pay for 5 stars sometimes and the stumble down the stairs to the spa was a timely reminder.

Morocco Spa Day
Morocco Spa Day

There’s a whole load of options for treatments, including rose petal baths, hypnotic massages, and mud wraps, but we wanted an authentic Moroccan experience. We opted for the traditional Hammam Scrub, where you’re free to sweat in the saunas and cool down in the baths, before being exfoliated until you’re baby soft and then doused in argan oil.

Whilst a spa day is usually a woman’s day out, turns out blokes can benefit from a good pamper session too.

Feeling Like Sea Cowboys

Many of the resorts in Morocco are set up so that you never really have to leave. For the adventurous, there’s always the option of a hostel (here’s a list of the best), but if you prefer a package holiday then you can’t go far wrong here.

Morocco for a lads holiday?
There’s jet skis, speed boats and 

Some parts of the country can be a little dicey if you’re travelling alone, or with valuables, so for a worry-free holiday, an all-inclusive resort is a good shout.

More for sheer convenience than anything, we spent pretty much the entirety our stay on the grounds of the resort. It’s situated right on the beach and they would organise activities for you to take part in during the day.

Mazagan Beach Resort Morocco
Mazagan Beach Resort Morocco

For day three we were ready for some action and though the lady on the desk was enthusiastic about us going horse riding, we had other ideas. It turns out that on the beach by the hotel you can hire jet skis. Sorry desk lady, but today, we’re going to be sea cowboys.

Hire for an hour was pretty reasonable and we really got our money’s worth. The sea is absolutely crystal clear, the beaches are white and sandy and after a short introduction to stop, go and turn, we were left to our own devices. If your spa day has chilled you out, then the jet skis will certainly give you a kick right back into action!

A Parting Word

On some holidays you want to drink cheap cocktails and sing along to appalling music until you lose your voice. On others, you want to be pampered. This one was the latter. The climate, landscape, and hospitality of Morocco were perfect for the lad who just wants to be spoiled. If you like spicy food, spa treatments, and seaside shenanigans, this is the place for you.