Sunny Beach Party Pack: Save fortunes on food, booze, clubs and events

If you're thinking of a lads holiday to Sunny Beach, you really should consider getting one of this party packs to save a fortune.

If you’re visiting Sunny Beach anytime soon, you really need to get you and your mates one of these photo-pass thingies, because it’ll save you an absolute fortune.

It’s the ULTIMATE money saver, I mean.. with 40% off food and drink in many of the best bars and restaurants in Sunny Beach – chances are you’ll neck, shot and scoff your money’s worth within a day or two.

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But it’s not just about the food and drink discounts… We’re talking SEVEN big events, a fast track pass to beat the queues at the clubs (free access obviously) and if you’re brave enough, a ride on that horrid slingshot thingie.

Sunny Beach Slingshot ride in Bulgaria
Sunny Beach Slingshot: You will NEVER catch me on this thing… (unless I’m pissed, obvs)

Here’s a phrase you’ll here quite a lot:

“Can’t f****** believe they’re trying to charge me for having a piss”

Yep, that’s right – most of the clubs will CHARGE you for using the toilet – takes the piss, right?

Well, good news because if you have one of these photo-pass thingies,  you’ll be able to slash for free #justSayin’ 😉

Here’s a breakdown of what you’d get…

But on top of the above perks, for aslong as you wear the passes, you won’t get hassled on the street by Bulgarian’s trying to sell you crap .

Another thing we noticed when wearing them, was that we were often approached by female reps from other companies, asking where we worked – we milked it as much as we could as this worked as a fantastic icebreaker.
Side note: There’s so many fit reps out here it’s untrue (I fell in love with one called Lori).

Having the photo-pass strapped round your neck, helps you standout in a good way – so we kept them on throughout the entire trip and loved every minute of it.

Personally, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Sunny Beach reps dancing on the table during Party Crew bar crawl
Sunny Beach reps dancing on the bar during Party Crew bar crawl

It’s worth noting that if you buy the party package in Sunny Beach, the price increases to £80 – so you might want to click here and apply before you go (Sunny Beach party pack / photo-pass application page) before you go.

You’ll be asked to send your name and a photo, and one of the Party Crew team will contact you later to arrange payment.


Party Crew bar crawl

Here’s a little look into what the Sunny Beach Party Crew bar crawl looks like.

Note: it’s come a long way since when this video was shot.

Beach foam party at Guaba beach bar

Ever wondered what the biggest foam-making machine in Sunny Beach looks like?