Hotels of the Future: The crazy future of hospitality

Ever wondered what Hotels of the future will look like? Check out these crazy sci-fi (but probable) hotel amenities and features.

Ever wondered what hotels of the future will look like?

Well, here’s a list of features and amenities you can expect to see in the not so distant future.

RoboButlers, 3D printers and face recognition entry systems are just a few of the many predictions experts believe will come as STANDARD in hotel suites of the future… Now try and imagine what’s in store for the upgrades?

Dr. James Canton, CEO of Institute for Global Futures (yes that’s a thing) is confident that articficially iteligent software agents would soon manage our bookings, and that our most basic room service would come with its own, personal robotic waiter.

“The future of travel is really exciting” he says, while “The new travel design science will help create highly personalized in-stay experiences.”

So what does that mean for us exactly?

Lots!! have made a great video which gives you a rough idea of what to expect.

Crazy right? And there’s more. From Smart toilets to morphing beds, here’s a list of 15 futuristic hotel trends that will be coming our way:


Think iRobot, Will Smith.

Hologram In-room Concerts

In room-personalised experiences such as watching a holographic music concert or comedy show.

Smart toilets

The clever bogs would analyse your urine. sounds loo-dicrous but it’s happening.

3D printers

Hmmm, think I’ll just print out a pair of shoes.

Hyper Connectivity

Think Iron Man / Minority report. Whatever you touch, becomes some kind of digital remote control.
Every surface will be touchscreen, reactive and interactive

Voice and Gesture control (obviously)

Javis? I mean, I want this… NOW!

Face recognition entry systems

DNA Mobile payments

Who needs ApplePay when you’ve got DNA?

Neuro-enhanced aromas

Feeling stressed? Your room will not only detect bad moods and tension, but would also try to aid you with interactive spa walls.

Neuro-dreaming device

A device that allows you to CHOOSE your own dream, WTF! Keep those dirty thoughts to yourself.

Morphing beds

Self-assembling and personalised bed and pillows based on neuro-feedback (meaning these beds will know what you’re thinking and adjust accordingly) WTF.

Live streaming mirrors

These need to get here fast, so I can have a shit and watch football.

Talk-back TV

If you’re anything like me and yell at your phone or computer screen when it’s running slowly, you might be shocked when it yell back at you.

Auto temperature adjusting system

Feeling cold? Not anymore. This clever system will will work out your body temperature and adjust the room accordingly.

Not sure how this would work if there’s more than one person in the room though? Hmm..

Special towels…

…with pollution wipe nano coatings.

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