This fact about whisky will change how you buy the drink forever

“The price and colour of a whisky have NOTHING to do with its quality!”

That’s not our money-saving tip – it’s the advice of whisky wizard and Grant’s Whisky‘s global ambassador Rob Allanson.

Grant's Whisky's global ambassador Rob Allanson's Whisky masterclass
Grant’s Whisky’s global ambassador Rob Allanson’s Whisky masterclass

He knows a thing or two about the stuff and this week we caught up with him for an exclusive tasting session in London.

Rob was in town to host an informal meet-up in a private basement room of Percy and Founders, just off Tottenham Court Road.

The night kicked off with fruity cocktails and canapés before Rob sat the invited guests down for a fast track education in all things whisky.

He told how the drink is made and revealed how the colour is created in the lab to make the tipple look more tempting.

Ever wondered why Whisky is a golden brown?
Ever wondered why Whisky is a golden brown?

We learned how Grant’s is a blended type of whisky and that the bottle’s distinctive shape represents the three pillars of the drink’s key ingredients – “or so the marketing department say.”

Rob also treated us to four different types of blend, not available on the high street, which truly knocked your socks off.

All in all we learned that although blended whiskies can get a bad press, experts often favour them over super-expensive imports from Japan and alike.

So next time you’re in the supermarket or the pub, don’t be fooled into thinking the more you spend the nicer the drink…

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