Watching England from a VIP bed on Brighton beach

Brighton’s Big Screen is showing all the Euros matches this summer on the beach – and you can book a VIP BED to watch the matches from.

Thousand of fans gather on the stones to watch matches on the huge outdoor cinema screen.

But for this summer’s tournament, hotel chain ibis have their own VIP area which fans can book out.

Brighton's Big Screen showing England vs Russia Euro 2016
Brighton’s Big Screen showing England vs Russia Euro 2016

You get a prime fenced-off spot under a private canopy where five double ‘SweetBeds’ – complete with comfy pillows and duvets – have been set up to watch games in style.

The whole thing is called the ibis SweetBed experience and they’re running screenings for every Euro 2016 match.

You get VIP queue-jump access to your own bar and a masseuse is on-hand at half time to give massages.

We went along to watch England’s last 1-1 opener against Russia and had a great time – until the 92nd minute.

Outside the VIP area public can book tickets to stand and watch the big screen and be part of the incredible atmosphere right next to the pier.

There are food stalls serving up everything from pizza and jerk chicken to ice cream and popcorn.

We felt pretty sick at the final whistle but found time to polish off a few slices of Margarita to ease our pain before getting lured into nearby club with a couple of free shots.

Shooshh night club in Brighton with Shane Ross and Lee Walpole
Shooshh night club in Brighton with Shane Ross and Lee Walpole

Shooshh sits perfectly on the seafront and was hosting the Wildlife After Party – which attracted almost twice as many women as men. We’d soon forgotten how much we’d lost in bets – and partied hard with the hens until early hours.

The 10-minute walk back to the newly-renovated ibis was refreshing and give us chance to grab a tasty burger.

It’s a lovely little hotel and perfect for lads trips to the south coast party hotspot.