Sunny Beach cheat sheet: Things you MUST know before going Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Things you MUST know before going Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

With unrivalled weather, dirt cheap food and booze, and an endless supply of hot women and activities  – it’s no wonder Sunny Beach has become one of the most popular lads holiday destinations in Europe.

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Here’s a list of the things you MUST know before coming to Sunny Beach.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach


From boob gazing to banana boats, the beach is the place you want to be during the day, where hundreds of fit women strip-off and give us blokes a perfect excuse to perv all day while bronzing our bods.

Sadly though, when the sun goes down and the night approaches, you need to be careful as the beach can soon become a dangerous place where small Bulgarian gangs take advantage of drunk tourists.

Lads holiday to Sunny Beach warning
Lads holiday to Sunny Beach warning
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach

Try to avoid doing any of the below in Sunny Beach at night: 


If you’re planning on eating Burger King and McDonald’s all week, chances are you’ll spunk your budget much sooner than you think, because despite what you may have read, not ALL places are cheap here in Sunny Beach. Branded booze at certain bars and franchise fast-food joints are often much more EXPENSIVE than English prices.

KFC train in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Somebody get this lad a KFC… and FAST
Real huh? Doubt it. Hellmann's Mayonnaise... Fake, obviously
Real huh? Doubt it. Hellmann’s Mayonnaise… Fake, obviously
Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach


There’s a huge chance that when you see the amount of beautiful women out here, you’re going to want to have sex – and lots of it!
You’ll find most single British girls on the Party Crew’s Bar Crawl – (which you can get FREE if you book in advance on their website).

Viking nightclub is a good spot for picking up Scandinavian women.

Prostitution isn’t legal… But it’s EVERYWHERE. Prices can vary from 50 lev (£25) an hour in Burgas to 150 lev (£75) for a 30 minute shag and blow job in the heart of Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach strip club sex bed
Sunny Beach strip club sex bed where you’ll receive a ‘special’ lap dance

You’ll find them in the strip clubs – as many of the girls offer both lap dances and extras.
Tip: Ditch the dance and go straight for what you came for.

And for those who missed what I said earlier… FREE sex on the beach will only lead to you getting robbed. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Remember, parts of Sunny Beach is run by the Mafia, so respect the place. You might regret it if you don’t.


Drugs aren’t tolerated in Sunny Beach but they’re certainly accessible. You’ll often get approached in the streets by dealers trying to flog pills and weed. You can also speak to taxi drivers or the guys trying to lure you into strip clubs for certain requests.

Boys having fun in Sunny Beach bulgaria
Boys having fun in Sunny Beach bulgaria


You’ve probably heard how cheap Sunny Beach is right? Well, that all depends on what and where you spend your money of course.
20 McChicken nuggets and a milkshake cost me 30lev (that’s £15) and quite easily the most expensive McDonald’s I’ve ever had.

money-saving tips
  • Change your money up at one of the Crown cash points. It’s the safest option and offers the best rates.
  • Bulgarian’s will ALWAYS try their luck. So learn to barter. Taxi drivers are often the worst.
  • You’ll be charged for using toilets in most clubs, so either carry plenty of change or get a VIP party pass.
  • Hardly no place takes American Express.
  • Phone your bank in advance and tell them you’re visiting Bulgaria
  • Book the events in advance via here. It works out MUCH cheaper and you will also be given a photo VIP pass, which includes 40% off food and drink in a list of trendy bars and restaurants, free club entry, a free bar crawl, boat party, foam party, paint party and toilet pass.
Classy pullout bed in the "4* all inclusive" Bohemi hotel in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Get what you pay for… Bohemi 4* “All Inclusive” hotel in Sunny Beach


Whether your here for a stag weekend or it’s your first lads holiday, Sunny Beach is full of activities and is becoming more and more popular each year.

From UV paint parties to relaxing on a VIP Catamaran, whether your looking for sun, sea, sex or serious mess, my biggest tip of all is to just simply go!

Sunny Beach Party Crew original bar crawl
Sunny Beach Party Crew original bar crawl

For more info, and a list of the best bars, clubs and activities check out our brand new Sunny Beach travel guide.

Remember, always respect the country, and check out our Lads Holiday checklist for tips on what items to take.

Dirt cheap lads holidays to Sunny Beach