Best Holiday Experiences for Gamers

Here’s a list of some of the best holiday experiences for gamers in 2020.

With the whole world stuck indoors right now, due to Covid-19… playing videos games and Online Casinos seems to be the best option for gamers at the moment.

But when the situation eases off and countries start opening their borders again, here’s a handful of the best holiday experiences for gamers to look forward to.


VOID VR Themed Park

Location: Lindon, Utah, USA
Price: £23.13 GBP for a 30-minutes gaming session

Void VR themed park

If you think you’ve tried Virtual Reality gaming – wait until you visit the most comprehensive virtual reality gaming experience in Lindon, Utah.

Along with the standard VR glasses and headset, you will also get to enjoy various props to walk around and have ways to interact with the game to truly feel like you’re a part of it.

Step Into The Void

Epic Gaming Adventure (Round the world trip)

Location: 13 locations including Edinburgh, London, Phuket, Ko Tapu Islands, Seoul, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Hampshire, New York, Boston, Texas, Miami, Havana.

Price: £5,500 GBP

Epic gaming adventure

Epic Gaming Adventure is the most extensive gaming holiday made for gamers of all genres. It includes around the globe trip where you will visit 13 different locations – all inspired by the most famous games in the world such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and many others.

This trip might seem pricey, but it’s a true backstage pass for the biggest gamers who are ready to combine some of the most inspiring cities in the world with the joy of gaming.


Location: Host country – Sweden with events all around the world
Price: From £38 to £193 GBP
Dates: Summer & Winter


DreamHack is one of the largest gaming festivals in the world with a base in Stockholm, Sweden but with events being organized around the globe.

There are plenty of tour dates throughout the year and each event lasts for 3 days. It’s a gaming event for every gamer since they play games from Counter-Strike to Pokemon so you’ll fit right in the crowd!

Intel Extreme Masters

Location: Multiple countries (San Jose, Katowice, Sydney)
Price: £22 to £44 GBP / day ticket
Dates: February and August

Intel Extreme Masters

If you’re really into competitive gaming, Intel Extreme Masters is the international eSports event that features professional teams and gamers from all around the world.

It’s a 3-day event where professional teams you often watch on Twitch are battling for huge prize pools.


Location: London, England
Price: £15 GBP
Date: October


Eurogamer Expo is one of the biggest gaming events where gamers from all around the world get to experience the latest game titles and releases while being surrounded by the most innovative gaming brands in the world.


Location: Cologne, Germany
Price: £23 GBP
Date: August


Gamescom is considered to be one of the biggest gaming events in Europe, but also the one that lasts the longer (goes for a whole week).

During this special week in August, you get to enjoy an unforgettable gaming experience along with almost half a million people and it will include games such as Resident Evil 3, The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima and many more.

World Cyber Games


Location: Tokyo
Dates: July 18-21
If you’ve ever wanted to visit Tokyo, WCG (World Cyber Games) offers a great way to add a bit of gaming into your holiday – if you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

WCG is a must-visit, bloodthirsty and highly competitive event that hosts some of the most famous eSport teams and organisations in the world.



Location: Los Angeles
Price: £115 GBP for a 3-day ticket
Dates: June 9-11

Trip to Hollywood is amazing but getting the 3-day ticket to one of the best western gaming shows is definitely going to put up a smile on every gamer’s face.

This 3-day event features the latest game titles in the video game industry, along with the most supportive gaming brands in the world.

Paris Games Week

Paris Games Week
Location: Paris, France
Price: £8 GBP
Dates: October

Paris can be romantic, but if you thought it isn’t fun for a gamer – you were wrong!

Paris Games Week is the place to be if you don’t know what to do by the end of the year and yet you’d like to visit one last show for the year where you can get reunited with the gamers from all around the world and all genres & sections.